Ugh is the perfect word to describe how I felt in the last 3 months.


My year of challenging myself to not buy any new clothes was coming to the last few months. I had few posts lined up. And I hit a brick wall. Hard. Not because I failed (although I did, of course), but because I felt really disheartened.


Is anything I’m doing making any difference? Any at all? While I was trying to think and overthink every purchase I make, designers have decided that plastic is in. PVC macs on Chanel and Calvin Klein runways are likely to be copied by every high street store. I don’t even want to think about the dry cleaner bag ‘dress’ monstrosity Moschino sent down the runway. We heart our customers. Looks like they have missed few words, should have read we heart [to take the piss out of] our customers. I despair.


Source: NY Post


More plastic in the world where images like a saddest grizzly bear sitting amidst a pile of trash or a sea horse clinging to the plastic ear bud is the new reality.

Sources: grizzly @troymoth sea horse @justinhofman


I’m ashamed to admit it got to me. I felt defeated shortly after I started. I crumbled. I felt helpless. Shopping, things in excessive packaging, barely been outdoors. Damn, I even bought a body cream in plastic jar with mineral oil in it purely because it’s the one I used in college and I was feeling nostalgic (read ‘shit and very sorry for myself’). As far as reducing my footprint on this earth was concerned, I was truly off the wagon.


After the binge came the crash, as it always does. It dawned on me that I was acting without stopping even for a moment to think, like a total eejit. Silly me. I’m sorry I was acting like a 5 year old high on chocolate buttons in a sweets shop. I’m back on track though now after a wee setback. Will keep you posted on how my experimental year ended.





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