Clothes, clothes everywhere, nor any piece to wear

In a hindsight – this probably should have been my second post on the blog. If I’m not to buy any new clothes for a year, wouldn’t it be great to start with knowing what I have to work with? Better late than never though, so I made a pot of tea and spent few hours going through my wardrobe. Oh dear. I was under false pretenses that I don’t have all that many pieces. All laid out in front of me, counted and documented, I was proven wrong in the spectacular fashion.


So, clothes. 209 pieces – yep, over two hundred pieces, and that’s just clothes… Brace yourselves, people, we are in for a long haul. I have…



Sportswear – 16 pieces. 1 pair of runners (included here because they aren’t ever used for anything else but working out), 1 running jacket, 1 pair of grippy socks for ballet barre, 3 sports bras, 1 tank top, 2 long sleeve tops, 2 T-shirts, 2 pairs of shorts, 1 pair of capri leggings, 2 pairs of leggings.



Shorts and skirts – 17 pieces. 4 pairs of shirts (3 denim shorts – oops, but at least one if them is up-cycled from a pair of male Ralph Laurens that were headed for a bin!), 1 maxi skirt, 5 mini skirts (4 of them H&M jersey skirts), 4 pencil skirts and 3 A-line skirts.



Trousers – 11 pairs. 8 pairs of jeans, 1 pair of chinos, 1 pair of cords and 1 pair of pyjama bottoms that are only ever used for lounging when it’s cold.




Dresses – 18 pieces. 3 gowns, 2 sweater dresses, 1 shirt dress, 6 T-shirt dresses,  2 fake wrap dresses, 2 sleeveless dresses, 1 pencil dress, 1 A-line dress.



Shirts, jumpers and sweatshirts – 14 pieces. 1 hoodie, 1 sweatshirt, 3 shirts, 2 cardigans, 7 jumpers.



Long-sleeved tops – 21 pieces.



T-shirts & tank tops – 24 pieces. 15 t-shirts, 4 ‘dressy’ tank tops, 5 basic tank tops.




Jackets – 5 pieces. 1 winter jacket, 1 parka, 1 wind breaker, 1 light black jacket, 1 trench coat.


Bits & bobs – 73 pieces. 8 bras, 26 pairs of knickers, 1 body, 1 garter belt, 21 pairs of socks, 5 pairs of leggings, 11 pairs of tights/stockings. No picture, people J


Few stranglers that didn’t make any pics are 3 bikinis, one-piece swimsuit, swimming cap and a pair of beach shorts, so 9 pieces.



Special mention to my floaty kimono cardigan top thingy – proper fashion term, this! It was love at first sight. Even though I didn’t think that I would get all that many wears out of it, I wanted to have it. What happens when you love a piece of clothing? You wear it, a lot, which thankfully was the case with the kimono. It also helps that I can wear it with a tank top in summer or long sleeved top in winter. And, after me owing it for 5 (or maybe even 6) years, my love for it is as strong as when I bought it. It’s a win all around, don’t you think?


So, the conclusions. Blue/navy (23 pieces) and stripy (21 pieces) are obviously my go to, closely followed by grey. Must check the rainbow out, see if any colours will grab my attention. I’ve too many ‘casual’ T-shirts and long sleeve tops that I can only wear when I’m not in work. I lack some basics like a blazer, pencil skirt or cigarette trousers to go with the blazer, a nice coat, structured dresses for work and layering pieces (big cardigan comes to mind). As well, even though it might not seem so, some workout gear. Few tank tops and at least another sports bra and pair of leggings wouldn’t go amiss given that I try to move every day. And I badly need white or nude underwear set. Something to keep an eye out for when checking consignment shops (apart from underwear, obviously). As far as having plenty of options goes, I think I should breeze through to 1st of October.


Coming up next will be shoes and accessories all lined up and exposed. There’s another eye-opener in the making for sure!





4 thoughts on “Clothes, clothes everywhere, nor any piece to wear

  1. Dear Svetlana! This post is absolutely hilarious #mademyday to say so! You clearly beat me on the long-sleeved tops! Funny enough, I am at the moment also under “textile-detox” and for me this experiment will end December 31 and I have no doubts I will manage not to buy any clothes for the entire year. While sorting out my wardrobe I discovered items I did not remember why, where and when I bought them and if I had ever worn them at all! Shame! The same goes for my unintentional collection of shoes (cannot wait for your blogpost on that topic…). If you think what a high impact the production of clothes has on our environment… only the oil industry causes more pollution! Good luck for your personal “detox” experience and best regards from icy Switzerland (with not less than 15 heavy pullovers I should survive the low temperatures I guess…) Arletta


    1. Hi Arletta! I am so glad we can get on the journey together, sort of:)
      I think my biggest lesson so far is that I have so many things that are great on their own, but they just don’t seem to work with anything else in my wardrobe. That, and that I have too many casuals! Guess the no-shopping will help me, and you too, to just get more clarity on what works and what doesn’t, and help us to make better choices when we get to the end of our challenges. To be honest with you, I used to be a total shopaholic, but got so tired of it over the years of reckless consumerism. I would like to come to a place where everything I own I love, where all works together, and all has longevity so I don’t have to shop for new additions all the time!
      Good luck to you too on this mission. I’m very bad at German (VERY!), do you have any social media accounts where I can follow your journey?


  2. Dear Svetlana! I totally agree with you on that reckless consumerism thing. I used to be the same: Shopaholic, ending up with a load of clothes and nothing really worked with anything else which lead to even more shopping to buy missing parts I would never have missed unless I shopped so much… a vicious circle I’m trying to break now by simply gaining some kind of overview.

    I’m so sorry I have no social media accounts at all, “only” my blog. And I feel so bad for the many readers I have all over the world that – for the moment – I just cannot offer the blog in an English version as well. The main reason is the lack of time. Unfortunately.

    With best regards from Switzerland, Arletta


    1. Hi Arletta,
      I can relate, believe me. Between full-time job and part-time college, blogging and social media doesn’t always get as much time as I’d want to ideally give it, and you sound the same. What a fun thing to do though!:) I hope that you’ll enjoy your no-shopping challenge, and will learn a thing or two about your relationship with clothes. Best of luck!


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