Hello 2017!

It’s just a calendar, it’s just a number. Technically, nothing in our lives has changed from 23:59 on 31st of December. Yet relief I felt when I woke up yesterday morning was overwhelming. Personal life dramas were only intensified by what was happening in the world, from atrocious terrorist attacks across the globe to Brexit, to Trump, to deaths of so many great people. 2016, you haven’t been anything I was hoping you’ll be on 1st of January last year.


To start this year afresh, I was full of intent of having a blog post up sometime around lunch on the 1st of January. With pictures, my hopes for the year ahead, plan of how I’ll get there. Instead, I found myself opening WordPress and fretting out. The culprit? Well, the blog does not look fancy. So, instead of writing a planned post, I found myself spending two hours playing with different templates, hating something about every single one of them, unable to choose any, getting more and more frustrated. Procrastination at it’s finest. Two hours for that – unbelievable! Or is it?


Hey me, what’s happening? Is it that blog is not fancy or that I’m scared? 2016, especially the last few months, has really been full-on. Overload in work, college assignments and studying all provided a handy excuse for why I haven’t been blogging. 2016 is over, and here I am unable to write a post, distracting myself with how blog looks. All because I am doubting that anyone out there has any interest in what I have to say. Guess what? I still want to say it.



My friend got me this notebook for my birthday. Follow Your Dreams, They Know The Way.  What I dream of? Being a part of the change. Leaving a smaller footprint. Being a conscious consumer. This blog is the journal of my journey. Maybe someone will read it and find it useful. Maybe not. One way of finding out. So, 2017, let’s be friends and make some great memories together, shall we?


I’m starting new year with few small tweaks on hectic last few months. I doubt workload will change any time soon, but I will start with taking more care of the most important person to me – myself. I have been in some weird survival mode from October. Eat sleep work study repeat. Any time I found myself with some time for myself, I would usually end up on the couch with my feet up, watching something that I can’t remember few days later in a semi-comatose state. And, guess what, I don’t like it one bit. I don’t like feeling sluggish, apathetic, stuck. I don’t like feeling not quote healthy, not quite sick, just meh. I don’t like feeling so beaten up (figuratively speaking) I start doubting whether anything I do actually makes any difference to the world, to the environment, to anyone else. So I need to re-introduce a good dose of self-care back into my life. I need to put on my own oxygen mask first.


No typical New Year resolutions of joining gym, eating 100% clean and travelling the world for me. Here are my little steps:

– I’m going to go back to my Daily Greatness Journal. I have started mine in the beginning of 2015, but half way through it was put to the side and forgot about it. As there’s still half a year left blank in it, I’m going to use it for planning my small daily self-care steps, as a daily gratitude and reflection journal . By no means I’m trying to peddle this product. I bought it before I focused on my spending habits more, and I see no point in throwing it out half-used. Once used up, any notebook will do the job equally well.

– I’m going to incorporate some sort of activity into every day. Most likely to be walking, yoga (Yoga with Adriene is amazing, best one I came across on Youtube) and occasional run.

– I’m going to stay clear of the sweets shelf in work. I’m not swearing off the sweet stuff completely, but I have noticed that I am stuffing myself with sweets while stressed out in work, it is happening on a weekly, if not daily basis, it seems to be sending my poor hormones into overdrive.

– I’m going to read books or good magazines on my commute, not scroll mindlessly through social media.  That’s nearly an hour a day I can be feeding my grey cells.

– I’m going work on saying I’m so busy and I’m so stressed less, as it only winds me up and makes me more stressed and less productive.


I know this post has very little to do with making me greener, but bear with me. I need to start with making myself calmer and more composed, and I hope the few steps above will help me to get there, and re-energise me for following my dreams. Fancy blog look will happen also – now that the thought is sown, good luck trying to get rid of it!





2 thoughts on “Hello 2017!

  1. Dear Svetlana! You said, you had doubts anyone out there might have any interest in what you say? Well… I like your journal so much that I added it to the blogroll of my favorite blogs on my website (I hope you do not mind)! And yes: please keep on saying it! Your blog is quite unique, because you realize where all steps to a greener life start and take place: in your emotions, thoughts, behavior etc. And this is what makes your journal so different from others, it’s not about science, data, tests etc but about being first hand considerate and caring to yourself! Keep up your excellent blogging! With best regards from Switzerland, Arletta


    1. Ah, Arletta, thank you so much for your kind words! It’s a never-ending emotional battle between feeling like your efforts are just the tiniest drop in the vast ocean that could barely matter and remembering that a vast ocean is nothing but a collection of all the drops. Guess as long as I keep on choosing how to consciously spend my money, you keep on planting your garden and other people keep on making their own micro shifts towards what they believe is better for them and the planet, it’s the sure-fire way to making a change on the overall scale ❤️


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