Falling and failing

What a month! Work and college, college and work, with a bit of sleep in between. As you can guess, it has been a busy time. And boy, was I not prepared for it. Apart from not buying new things (still going strong, haven’t even bought anything second-hand in these 2 months), I do aim to take other steps towards lighter footsteps I leave on our planet.


Carluccios cup.JPG

The picture above is me, holding a disposable single-use take away coffee cup. I was out and about in Dublin one Sunday, taking pictures for the college assignment. My reusable coffee cup was left in work on Friday. And I needed caffeine. Badly. Later at home I was editing pictures for assignment, and this particular one was screaming at me. FAILURE! I’m failing at following through on my commitment to leave less disposable single-use rubbish. I tallied up and was absolutely shocked with how much trash I have created in my busy-ness in just a month. Food on the go. Coffee on the go. Snacks on the go. Everything on the go means there was just too much plastic for comfort. I was angry with myself, and felt my old friend anxiety attack rearing its ugly head.


So I did what any [honorary] Irish person would do. I made a cup of tea. I sat down and had a good talk with myself. In the last month I have already had a full-on schedule. Would I really have benefited from stressing myself even more by sleeping less and prepping every single meal in advance? Would I have really felt better if I didn’t have a take away coffee when I needed it? If I was looking at myself through the eyes of my friend, would I see myself as a failure? Would I say att those nasty things to me that were going through my head? Does compassion not involve being compassionate and understanding towards self?


I understand I could have been better prepared. At the same time, I understand that I need to come upon my path to sustainability by being kinder not just to the environment, but to myself as well. I cannot bully me into being an eco-conscious citizen, but I can and I will support me by being kind and loving, and taking steps to making me greener coming from a place of peace and understanding. This is a journey, and I’m only at the start of my road.


… my reusable coffee cup is now always placed by my screen in work so I have little chance of forgetting it. Baby steps in the right direction, people!:D






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