Ugh is the perfect word to describe how I felt in the last 3 months.   My year of challenging myself to not buy any new clothes was coming to the last few months. I had few posts lined up. And I hit a brick wall. Hard. Not because I failed (although I did, of … More Ugh

Hello again & ‘Overdressed’ by Elizabeth L. Cline

Oh, hi! Yep, it’s me. Yeah, still alive. Yes, back from the total silence.   Life in 2017 has been interesting so far. I can proudly say I am finished with college. Done and dusted. Last assignment graded, we all are just waiting for final score and graduation. Blood, sweat and tears, and occasional fully … More Hello again & ‘Overdressed’ by Elizabeth L. Cline

Hello 2017!

It’s just a calendar, it’s just a number. Technically, nothing in our lives has changed from 23:59 on 31st of December. Yet relief I felt when I woke up yesterday morning was overwhelming. Personal life dramas were only intensified by what was happening in the world, from atrocious terrorist attacks across the globe to Brexit, … More Hello 2017!